Moribund is now available on Steam Early Access

By July 20, 2016News

Hey there people it’s been a while.

So we just launched Moribund for PC, Mac and Linux on Steam!

And a new trailer

For the past month we have been polishing the graphics and adding a few customization options as well as some improvements regarding user feedback. Still got a few things to do though. The reason we are doing Early Access is that we are at a point that we have a few doubts about what the players might like more about the game. So with your feedback we will be able to do what’s best. So please engage with us in the steam forums and tell us what you think of the game. Good or bad.

And since we think the game’s “essence” is pretty much there we started contacting the media. So if you are part of a media outlet, whether it’s a sit or a channel, contact us for a key of the game. And in case you need a press kit regarding Moribund here it is.

Until next time guys!

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