Moribund is now complete and available on Steam

By March 16, 2017News

Last week Moribund finally exited Early Access after around 8 months and is now available at the price of 9.99 (with a 15% sale for the first week) on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux. It’s been around a year since we started working on it. From the beginning we were designing Moribund as a “local- multiplayer” game. A lot of people seemed concerned that the lack of single player features and/or online multiplayer would be a problematic factor on promotion and therefore sales. This is something we were always aware of. But we preferred to make a good local multiplayer game rather than a mediocre online one. Whether this was a good decision or not remains to be seen. Anyhow along with the launch we also published a new trailer, showing the final polished version of the game. By the way if you represent some media outlet you can find all you need here.

Now what?

What we need you to know is that we enjoyed the development of Moribund. And if it does well we are more than willing to expand it even further. We still got a few things we are planning on adding, but no spoilers yet. Since the Early Access launch we added twice the available levels, 15 single player challenges and did several aesthetical improvements. At some point we did try to make it online, which unfortunately is the reason we delayed the launch from our initial estimation, but we decided that we don’t want to compromise the gameplay.

Moribund taught us a lot, and are ready to use that knowledge to our new and current projects. Thank you all for your support and help and if you have any reason you would like to contact us feel free to do so!

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