Moribund Update – Team Battle and City Levels

By August 11, 2016News

Hey everyone,

Yesterday we released a pretty big update on Moribund. Here’s what was added.

Team Battle Mode

We add a new game mode that was widely requested the Team Battle. You can now play in teams which is to our opinion quite interesting. The combos you can do with a partner add quite some depth in the gameplay. Friendly fire is always on so communication and cooperation with the team member is a must.

City Levels

Second thing we added  is the new City setting. With the new setting ten more levels were added to the game using 2 new stage-specific mechanics: The Bouncing Clusters and the Swinging Mines. Both the mechanics are quite hard to learn and utilize and are quite player-hostile so we decided to add a difficulty classification system to the Levels, ranking the City levels as “Extreme Difficulty”. Just make sure you play the other setting before this one and you should be fine.

The Swinging mines are explosives hanging from a rope. If they come in contact with any part of the level or the players they will instantly explode killing any players nearby. But if you shoot them with the spores they will instead get pushed. So you can use this strategy to either push a mine towards an enemy or stop an incoming mine.


The second mechanic, the Bouncing Clusters are essentially huge spores bouncing around the level. Any player coming in contact will get immediately immobilized. Shooting these ones with spores will not change their course but instead only make them faster. They add a factor of randomness and unpredictability that can be quite fun.

UI Redesign

Finally we redesigned most of the UI in order to give it a clearer and more “game-like” look. Hope you like it.


Hope you liked this update. We will keep you posted with more!


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