Ricochet Revolt – Our new game is now in Beta

By July 18, 2017News

Greetings everyone,

For the past few months we have been developing a minimalistic puzzle game. It’s called Ricochet Revolt: Lights Out and you can try it out here. Soon the IOS release will follow.

It’s been a while since we developed a mobile game designed by us. We wanted to try out a few things and this is what came out. Here’s what lead us to this game.

To begin with we don’t have a lot of experience(or luck) with mobile game promotion. So we though that we should keep it low-risk. We emphasized on our in-house strengths (game design and programming) and kept it somewhat open-ended in the terms of what the graphics and artstyle could be. We have learned how to produce a lot of content with relatively little effort. Specifically the game has 200+ stages produced from the combination of just 5  mechanics and we can make many many more. After some playtesting we formed the basic structure for the game, and we decided to seek some external help with the “publishing” part. We sent some pitches to a few companies and in the end we decided to work with another Greek company “Tamasenco“. In collaboration with them we decided on the artstyle and the scope of the game. Hope you like the result:

Right now the game has a great variety of 200+ stages, and a nice combination of minimalistic artstyle and several musical themes. We are still improving the game before the final launch so if you have any comments send them our way.

See ya soon

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