We got the Greenlight on Moribund!

By April 28, 2016News

Today was a great day. Moribund got Greenlight after just 7 days. I wanted to make a brief post regarding our traffic and a few resources that we were not aware at the beggining of the campaign. I won’t analyze our promotional effort, since you can read most of that here.

So a significant amount of traffic was from Greece (our country) and we probably wouldn’t have gotten the Greenlight so early if it wasn’t for our local friends and fans. As you can see about 1/3 of the traffic was from Greece. But it is not just 35% of our visits. This 35% is an enormous amount of our Yes votes probably over 50%. There are no stats on that, you’ll have to trust me.


Now regarding the sources as you can see facebook was great for us. We spent about the same time in our Twitter and Reddit but as you can see Twitter is nowhere to be seen. Steam of course was a significant source but probably it was our worst “Yes/No” ratio. Turns out throwing random people on your page, who are looking for the next Call of Duty is not exactly the best way to find your market. But still every one of those visitors teached us something. Either with comments, or votes or even by not doing anything.


On the fifth day an article from Unboxholics was released and you can see the result. Thanks guys! Now on the same day that the Unboxholics article was released,we noticed that the visits directly from steam were also increased. So it is actually possible to create a snowball effect. If you manage to coordinate your visits and have a good page you can probably stay calm and let it promote itself. But in our case we wouldn’t have been able to get Greenlight without the promotion we did.


Now i mentioned earlier that there were a few things we didn’t know when we started. One is that the whole “way to top 100” is pretty much there just for show. In GreenlightUpdates you can see what games get rejected or Greenlit. Most of the ones that got Greenligh are not in the top 100, however they don’t have bad Yes/No ratios. Most of the top 100 are troll games that somehow have votes. You can see how often they approve games, so that you can time your Greenlight launch correctly and get approved right when you want to. Now in GreenlightUpdates or Greendb you can also see how the other games are doing.

A small milestone is met. The real struggle is still ahead of us. Please share your experiences and thoughts on Greenlight with us. Do you have in mind other resources that one can benefit from in preparation of a Greenlight campaign?

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