First Official Moribund Tournament

By September 10, 2017News

Yep. It happened. Doesn’t “Official” make it sound like it was all formal and important and organized?

Last week we participated at Digital Expo 2017, showcasing Moribund and Ricochet Revolt: Lights out. Moribund has been doing great on such events in the past and so we decided to make a small tournament. Well 2 tournaments to be precise, one solo and one for teams.

Solo Tournament

We thought 16 people would be a good number for this kind of thing. While there were a lot of people interested for the Team Tournament, most of them were hesitant for the solo. But they gathered up. A simple tournament of 3 rounds with elimination for the last 2 guys of each group. We had our own personal bets about who’s gonna win of course which made it that much more intriguing. We expected to make some noise since Moribund brings out the worst in people. As expected people were yelling and shouting at each other and we weren’t making it much easier (teasing the loser is a big part of Moribund. First you break their bones, then their spirit). Surprisingly the finals were much quieter. They were all focused and didn’t dare to provoke the other players in fear of starting a vendetta. Once the dust settled there was only one left standing.

Congratulations to Alexander

Team Tournament

Then we had the Team Tournament. We knew more people would be interested but we didn’t expect to almost have twice us much. 14 teams competed on a much louder and stressful tournament. Now team battle is different than Solo. Shooting left and right hopping to strike a kill doesn’t work since you have a just as good chance of hitting your teammate. So communication is paramount. Interestingly a lot of veterans from the previous expos appeared making it that much more interesting. Subsequently the victorious team was indeed one of the older ones.

Congratulations to Timos and Filipos.

All of the finalists got a key for Moribund so they can train for the next tournament. And the Champions got several keys from other Greek game development companies. Here’s the list:

“Lethe” made by KoukouStudios
Emerge – Cities of the Apocalypse
“The Minims” by beyondthosehills
“Goo Saga” made by Toka Loka Games
“Dungeons and Robots” by Glow Games Studio

In summary the event was great and the Tournament was enjoyed by everyone so we plan on doing it again on the next events. Be there!

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