Our new game is called “Moribund”!

By March 28, 2016News

So that’s the game we have been working on for the last few months. Local multiplayer mayhem is the concept surrounding the game. We chose a post-apocalyptic theme because we thought it would best serve our setting of murder and chaos. At this point I would like to explain how the name came up. We spent several days trying to find a name that would describe either the world or the gameplay itself but after some search we found the perfect name: Moribund!

…which means: (for a person) at the point of death or (for a thing) in terminal decline; lacking vitality or vigor

Now a little bit about the game itself. Perhaps the most characteristic mechanic of the game is the use of ragdoll. We have implemented and used ragdolls because the produce hilarious results thanks to their unpredictable nature. The gameplay is fast paced and in order to achieve victory one must use his environment as effectively as possible. Each level has a number of mechanisms and/or functions which can give you the upper hand if used appropriately.


We have tried several new things (both technical and graphical) which we plan to discuss with you in later posts. Some of these are our approach to creating the ragdolls, portal mechanics, art direction, character creation, and even voice acting.

Soon we will be applying for Greenlight so stay tuned!

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